It's been...

My new home for the next three months

...three weeks since I got the idea that I could keep up a blog. It took me a while to think of something to say. The time in the last three weeks was condensed into what felt like three months! I have already seen about half of the more famous sites from the Old Testament. (I will do better about taking more pictures of the sites - still learning.)

Dr H welcoming us at the airport. Stud

Life is good with just pitas and friends

Augusta Victoria
Shepherds' Field

Check this: Jerusalem? Or not?

The oldest manmade structure in the world
A Neolithic tower, or what is
left of it, at Jericho dating
back to 8th century BC.

 In the Judean Wilderness, where Jesus fastest for 40 days. We stopped and thought about what smidgen of an impression on the world we have made. We thought for a while...

 Don't mess with the falafels. They will eat you. But really though, everything here is great. We are treated like royalty. Can't complain.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
in the Old City.

Enjoying a special brew from the
Beduin women near Jericho.

Courtney, Habibti and I
at the Garden Tomb.

Here is one of the oldest cities. The picture on the bottom with a squiggly cement line separates the restored building from the original. Streets (top) were a lot more narrow back then as well.

You can always find places for rest or boy band pictures in the citadels built by Romans and the Byzantines. They had stuff to show off back then too, I am sure of it.

It has rained a couple of days, but otherwise has been super nice. Not too hot, not too cold.

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This is the first of many good posts to come. And hopefully the last of the boring and useless ones.