The Daily Jerusalem

Not that nothing extraordinary happens every blessed day here in the Holy Land! Quite to the contrary. It is just sad that sometimes we tend to get used to the surroundings and forget how blessed we are to be in the moment. Thanks to memories and some digital tricks we can now review each day, week and month and be pleasantly reminded of all good that happens around us. These are some things for which I am extremely grateful.

President Ohman's last day in Jerusalem. We lucked out and had a private concert in the bell tower of the YMCA.

Dome of the Rock.

Visiting Russian churches. I had to speak a lot of good, clean Russian that day.

Hezekiah's Tunnel. Grateful for Hannah and her camera.

Now here I am not the only one grateful for Kyle and his golden locks. 

Waiting for the Bus...sort of

Grateful for service. Not sure though why they asked for the talented kids to go paint. All the good parts were already painted.

Painting in chords - Aimee, Megan, and I - grateful.

Field trip to the Biblical Gardens at Neot Kedumim.

Herding sheep and goats. Gotta catch them all!

Alpha and Omega is actually hidden somewhere in the mosaic.

Yes, this family of Ludlows does look something we could all be grateful for.

Grateful for sharin'. My germs!

Dudes, grateful for the man inside.

Grateful for camp food. Anything and everything tastes fantastic! Letty found something nummy to fill her tummy.

Finally started the sketch book. So grateful for talents that are still hanging in there.


Even gotta love brake-ups. Joe needs much fore he gives much.

Grateful for Megan's matching hair and belt. Life couldn't really get any better for the redhead!

Grateful for sharin' the culture with some traditional Torah reading.

In the end, it is all about Waiting for the Bus. Seeing that moments are called moments because most of them last just a fringe of a second. Savor the life you are living! There is dedication involved in keeping a stoic attitude about mundane days. Once you have leapt over the high wall though there is some real deposits of joy to be had - even when you are feeling blue, eh?!

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