The JC

The Jerusalem Center. This is the place, oops, missed a letter, the palace we have been living in for the past three months. I should apologize that it took me so long to show you how amazing is our home here in Jerusalem. Not to show you this amazing place would be very ungrateful of me. Not only our accommodations are top of the line but the view of Jerusalem is the best in the country. Many people all over the world have made this possible and this is dedicated to all of them.

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Our rooms are nice and cozy, excuse my understatements. Each one opens out onto the multi-leveled terrace from which the whole of Jerusalem can ben seen.

The classrooms as well provide all of the comforts possible. Dozing off in class is possible and probable, but you would be an idiot <he-hmm> to fall asleep while listening to some of the world's best - Dr. Harper, Dr. Huntsman, and Dr. Ludlow.

A good look down the five lower levels of the JC. These are the housing levels. Modeled for us by Megatron and Cousin!

These are just a few of the best 83 faces in the JC. We have had all the time in the world to get to know each and everyone of us!

The Falling Rain of the JC. That is what I call it. Apparently this one replaced the old one only after someone said the latter was ugly. There was a competition for design and weirdly enough the same artist won the competition.

The entrance hall - Level Eight.

The courtyard and the gardens around the JC make it all a little paradisier.

Me with the architects.

The oldest member of the JC. This olive tree came from somewhere else and was planted here when the center was born.

Everything looked magical with a little splash of signature Jerusalem sunsetting.

The DomeS of the Rock.

I can only provide some of the whole experience. Thank you the JC Crew - the students, the faculty, the security staff, the administration, the cleaning crew, the gardeners, the service couples, the little soccer kids, the cats, the sheep, the military, the Hebrew U, the visitors, the peach trees, the bus drivers, the Israelites United, and many more whom I have unintentionally not mentioned.

 Daily, we are treated to spectacular sunsets over the Old City.

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