O, Jerusalem

 Jerusalem, if I forge... Actually, we should all realize by now that I will Never (Not Go Back) forget my time in the Holy Land. Three months have already blown past since we returned from Jerusalem. This shall be my last post describing my adventures there. We were told that we visited more places than most of the locals themselves! Here you will see a bit of everything: the field trips, the Old City, the food, the fun, and probably yourself. You see, it is not WHAT we remember, but HOW we remember it. Pictures sure do help though. I went to Jerusalem not really looking for anything, but I found much, much more than I could have dreamed. I crave the sounds and the smells of the amazing world.                                                                                                  Even though I could go back to the place, it would not be the same as those incredible four months. Cherish every day like it is the last one because momentarily it IS the last one. I cherish and love the memories and friends that I have made there. This is to you...

The Beginning of the End

The view from the auditorium where we had church, concerts, and other gatherings

It did get quite warm eventually.

The ladies of JC...and Courtney

Arabian Culture Night

The Passover/Seder Meal

Our ever-efficient chefs

A shout-out to Ayman Jebara

Weekly singing at the Garden Tomb

Palm Sunday

The Jewish Qaurter

Ancient gates through which Jesus would have entered the city

The pinnacle of the Temple

At the Western Wall

Easter Sunday "Sonrise" Service

The Dome of the Rock


An ancient ramp used to breach the awesome fortress at Masada

Never a quiet moment

The Dead Sea

Contrary to common knowledge there is more to this peculiar place than meets the eye. In fact, it meets all six senses and then some! "Brimstone and fire"

Do your homework.

First work...

Then play...

Then eat!

Last Trio Day

Third wheel

Dung Gate

Even Finns make the long trip from their frozen lands.


The schuk

Getting work done

Girls are best friends

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Shawarma is the new Falafel

Our security...on break

Last day, and the heavens were bereaved.

One last game with Joe

 So there you go. We came, we Nebuchadnezzared, we left. Though we were low in spirits we were high in hopes. After four months and three seasons in the Middle East, we were weathered and ready to take on life - one YOLO day at a time. After all we did know that it was going to end eventually. There is a new chamber, I dare say, in all of out hearts for pita bread... Perhaps I should say stomachs. It is an amazing thing to know that although with each person the world grows smaller, with each new experience it can grown much bigger. Long live BYU Jerusalem Center Winter Study Abroad Twenny-Tuelve!

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  1. seriously vlad? im crying. i miss it. and i miss you.